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VIP Credit Repair- Fastest Legal Credit Repair 4-8
--- Salesmarketing1 (7/11/2019)
We have a proprietary credit repair method that will remove negative, inaccurate, erroneous items off your credit report. Typical completion time for most clients is 4-8 weeks. Let us help you reach your dreams and goals.

Most traditional credit repair companies take 6-12+ months to get minimal results on your credit and typically will not be able to remove most of the negative items. We have the fastest method to legally get your credit fixed using our proprietary dispute process and custom letters.

The truth is 99% of credit repair companies out there are using the same generic letters that they send to the Credit Bureaus on your behalf, giving you minimal results and dragging out the process for years while they charge you money monthly. The Credit Bureaus automatically classify and dispose of the generic letters which usually results in you getting a letter that the item is verified even though it is not properly verified.

OurVIP Credit Repair beats the Credit Bureau scanners and puts the disputes in the hand of a real person at the Credit Bureaus getting you the fastest credit repair results possible.

Deletions Included:

- All negative, inaccurate, erroneous items on each credit bureau (Equifax, Transunion, Experian)

o Public records
o Mortgages/Shortsales
o Student loans
o Child support
o Collections
o Medical Bills
o Charge-offs
o Bankruptcies
o Tax liens
o Hard inquiries (that are not associated with current open accounts)

Completion Time is ESTIMATED, NOT guaranteed. The more Negative items you have, the longer the process can take.

All prices are based on the total amount of negative accounts on your credit file. Give us a call to get your FREE consultation and get your custom quote.

VIP Credit Solutions is a licensed and bonded credit service organization and verified credit card merchant. Not some hidden shady credit company who is in business for a few months and disappears.

We look forward to assisting you!

VIP Credit Solutions

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