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What are the advantages of different necklace buck
--- Urizen000 (9/5/2019)
As an indispensable part of a beautiful necklace, the necklace buckle bears two major duties: fixing the necklace and achieving the overall effect. Such an important part, of course, you must understand it! Have you carefully observed the buckle of the metal family necklace when you purchased it?
First, gold, platinum necklace love W buckle and S buckle
1, "W buckle"
It is called "W buckle" or "M buckle", and the opening and closing is mainly by hand. It is mostly used in metal necklaces with good ductility necklaces for girlfriend such as gold and platinum. It can bear many repeated bending and not breakage, and has good bearing capacity.
2, "S buckle"
When wearing, it needs to be opened before. Therefore, it is mostly used for metals such as gold and platinum, which are very ductile. But they are not the buckles that are open on both sides, but the one side is welded firmly mother's rings, so that the necklace can be prevented from slipping off. The disadvantage is that it requires a hand to open and close to wear, and has certain limitations in the material.
Second, the big brands jewels love the dark buckle
The dark buckle is basically invisible to the shape, and the gemstone is set on it. The buckle is fixed by the spring piece snapping into the groove personalized a href="" birthstone necklace /a , and the shape can be decorated, made hollow or inlaid with a gemstone on the top, and creatively you can play it freely. The shape is round and square which often seen in big-name jewellery.
Third, the most commonly used lobster clasp
This kind of custom necklace buckle is the most common one we usually see. Because it looks like a lobster, it is named and has a wide range of uses. There are also many shapes and types, such as round buckles. Generally, the materials are made of various metals. This kind of buckle is more common in the bracelet, which is convenient for adjusting the size of the bracelet. In fashion jewellery, it is widely used by designers. The disadvantage is that the shape is not beautiful enough, the decoration is limited, and it is basically not used in high-end jewelry.
Fourth, the low-end bead chain multi-purpose screw buckle
In short, this buckle is fixed by screwing. As long as the quality of the metal is passed, the safety is still reliable, but the level is not high enough.
Five, a variety of tail buckle
The overall necklace and name bracelets are so beautiful. If the buckle is bare, it will be too awkward, which will affect the overall effect. At this time, a variety of styles of tail buckles come in handy.
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