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Open Golf
--- xgstour (2/9/2012)
We are one of the world’s only golf tournament which you can compete with any golfers in any city, state or country at your pace and your schedule. All about golf and XGSTOUR.
6/1/2012 10:18:33 AM
hey guys, i'm new here!Anyway i'd like to know what my chances for UofM are. I'm a juionr right now. I am In-State resident (only 30 minutes away!)My cousin goes there I heard having relatives there helps.ACT: 31, will retake and aim for a 34SAT: 2020, will retake and aim for 2150+SOPHOMORE YEAR:AM LIT/WRITING ASPANISH III A-HONORS ALGEBRA II WITH TRIG A+TEAM SPORTS A+HONORS BIOLOGY BPRACTICL LAW A+*AP US HIST APublic Speaking APersonal Fitness A FRESHMEN YEAR:COMP APP I AENGLISH 9 ASPANISH II AHONORS GEOMETRY AGEOPHYSICAL SCIENCE A+WORLD HISTORY A+HEALTH AJunior Year (now):AP MICRO/MACRO ACHEMISTRY AAP PROBABILTY AND STATISTICS BHONORS PRECALC W/TRIG AADV COMP A. AADV SCI FI ASP 4 AExtracurriculars:MHS volunteer,BuildOn Club,Key Club,Varsity Golf,Link Crew,YMCA volunteerSpanish TutorI'm going for 100+ hours of service.senior classes i know that i'm taking next year are AP Spanish and AP Calc ABthanks for any opinions , i really hope to get into this school!
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