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Loans Available: No Credit check required, 100% ap
--- jffdfinance (4/9/2012)


I'm Mr. Jeff Dustin, a certified, reputable, legitimate & an accredited money lender.
I loan money out to people in need of financial assistance.
Do you have a bad credit or you are in need of money to pay bills?
I want to use this medium to inform you that we render reliable beneficiary assistance as we will be glad to offer you a loan.

Service Rendered includes:

o Refinance
o Home Loan
o Mortgage
o Home Improvement
o Car Loan
o Hard money loan
o Debt Consolidation
o Line of credit
o Business Loan
o Personal Loan
o International Loan

Contact us today and allow us help you out of financial hardship.
Funds may be used for any purpose including personal or business use.
Send us an e-mail and request for a loan application to fill-up.
No SSN, No credit checks needed, No income verification.
Receive fast funding in less than 24 hours. 100% approval Guaranteed.

Contact us now for your financial solutions.


Jeff Dustin
6/1/2012 10:12:39 AM
You have to know your fico score to begin your search and that will dneermite which route you will go since refinancing requires your fico score to see what loan rate you will get. If you have a fico score of 700 or higher, you will have better options in this market. Further, check if you have a prepayment penalty. I think you can get a free report once every 18 months. Check online. Start out with the current lender and see what they can offer you. Then shop around. Talk to some lenders-banks, mortage brokers, and etc. Tell the lenders this is my fico, debt, income, and property. So, what can you offer. Experienced and good lenders will be able to give you ball park figures with out running your fico everytime. Then choose the one based one what they tell you. Use common sense though if it sounds too good to be true. You will get an idea overall, The difference is that in and equity loan you borrow money based on the equity of your home. In refinancing, you obtain another loan against the property you own. The costs are also a lot higher in refinancing. Equity costs are very low and easier to obtain than refinancing. If you plan to refinance, then obtain a lower fixed rate or a rate that can be of 5 or 10 years if you dont plan on owning tha property for that amount of time. Check loans out there. Another question, is it an income property that you rent? Rates on those are higher. I dont recommend paying your car or bills off with a refinance that has a life of ten years or more. Refinance to get a lower rate and get an equity to pay off your car and bills. The equity is smaller and can have less life. You can pay off faster than a long life loan. Compare the rates and see what works for you
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