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Ebook by Gordon Mackenzie
--- Gordon (4/11/2012)
E-book for young people, by Gordon Mackenzie

(“Spirit and Ghosts of Eaglesham Moor”)

A story of a boy and his two sisters and their dogs, trapped on a desolate moor not far from the City of Glasgow. On this moor, they are in a state of LIMBO: neither alive nor dead. Only two ghosts and an old woman are prepared to help them. (The ghosts are twin brothers, Shaky and Misty) How can they leave the moor and return home, away from the cruel and evil ghosts and their evil doings? To find out if their parents are still alive they must the moor and return home.

This is an adventure story that I hope you would find, not only an exciting mystery, but humorous and enjoyable

Book priced at $8.99, and can be purchased on - ibookstore - Barnes & Noble Nook.

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