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What are the Top Places of Interest in Bikaner?
--- meavi123 (1/9/2018)
Ever wondered that why you should visit Bikaner, Rajasthan? Well, this is a city of Rajasthan which is very well known for its camel breeding farm, but, this is not the only identity of the place. Other than camels there are many other things that you can see here in Bikaner. This is a place in Rajasthan, which you should never miss because there is no dearth of places to see and explore in Bikaner. We are here with the list of the very peculiar places in Bikaner that you should not ever miss on your trip to the place. The main attractions of Bikaner are listed below.
Junagarh: Raja Rai Singh founded Junagarh fort in the year 1593. Junagarh consists of several palaces and apartments in a remarkable state of preservation. The art of mason and sculptor is most obvious in the recreation of delicate stone screens, kiosks, pavilions and series of arched entrances to buildings reached from corridors that have windows overlooking the city beyond. Palaces to see here are Anup Mahal, Chandra Mahal and Phool Mahal, and Badal Mahal.
Lalgarh Palace: It is a masterpiece of architecture which is made from red sandstone and hence derived the name Lalgarh Palace. It was constructed by Maharaja Ganga Singh in the memory of his father Maharaja Lal Singh. The palace has beautiful latticework and filigree work. Sprawling lawns with blooming bougainvillea and dancing peacocks make it a not-to-be missed visual treat. A part of this palace is converted into luxurious hotel and museum.
Gardens of Parks: Gaga Public Park with a Zoo, Ratan Bihari Temple Park and Tessitory Park are some of the lovely parks in the city, are the parks that you must visit on your city tour because it is something that would treat your eyes for sure.
Camel Research Farms: Bikaner is known well for its camel research farms and this is something you are not supposed to miss on your city tour. The farm extends over 2000 acres of semi arid land and is managed by the Central Governments. The Camel Corps of Bikaner were a famous fighting force during the 'Raj' and are still an important part of the desert warfare and defence through the Border Security Force (BSF).
So, these are few of the places in Bikaner that you are not supposed to miss on your trip to the city. Taking the services from a trustworthy Rajasthan tour operator, you would always get the best itinerary and could also explore the place in best manner.

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