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Getting The Right Paint Job In Interior Finishing
--- basementfinish (5/20/2018)
The interior of the home is considered a safe haven. Therefore, it is important that the interior finishing is inviting enough. This makes it one of the most important features of the home interiors. Your choice of finished paint job affects lighting in the home. A good reaction to light is obtained when a suitable paint job is executed. Nowadays, there are variants of finishes manufactured for home needs.

Choice of paint finish
The flat and matte paint finish is one of the few options you can get in the market. As the name suggests, this finishes doesn’t offer sheen. After painting in the home, it dries up and leaves no lustre behind. Rather than reflecting light, it absorbs it. This type of paint finishes is best to conceal imperfections during application. If a room doesn’t get much attention, this paint is best suited for such room. The interiors of ceilings can also be painted with matte finishes.

Matte finishes require high maintenance culture. Thus, do not consider it an option for kitchens, kids’ rooms, or bathrooms. These are rooms that get a lot of traffic. So, it won’t be convenient to clean every stain from time to time.

Another type is the eggshell paint finish. It is quite similar to the matte finish discussed above. But the only difference is the extra sheen that is conspicuous after the paint dries up. Apart from low maintenance culture, it is very easy to clean. This is why many homeowners use it for interior walls. Interestingly, a unique look can be created by swapping the eggshell finish for matte finishes.

Satin paint finish, on the other hand, is the glossiest of all types of paint finishes. This makes it one of the most popular choices for interior finishing. The reason is that it can be used in every room except the kitchen and the bathroom. Many home decorators recommend satin paint finish a lot of times. With a smooth and velvet-like sheen, it creates an aesthetic view when it dries up. Unlike matte finishes, they are not suitable for hiding imperfect surfaces. The reflection it offers creates an ambiance that is inviting and enviable. This pop of color also makes it a great choice when painting up the kids’ room.

Choosing between semi-gloss and high-gloss paint finish types is a very difficult choice to make. Yet, both finishes offer a reflective surface when they dry out. Due to high water-resistance and cleaning capacity, semi-gloss paints are suitable for use in the bathroom. But interiors of furniture are best painted with the high-gloss paint types. This paint is highly durable and gives the furniture a modern outlook.

Even though interior finishing is a choice of personal preference, professional guidance is never useless. From the right kind of paint finish to suitable regions in the home, you will be guided. Hiring a consultant is never as expensive as making wrong decisions. Consult a professional company to handle your interior finishing today and you will be thankful you did.
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