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Surge Protection Device – The Better Half Of Light
--- Alexander (9/4/2018)
Lightning strikes, in addition to being extremely dangerous, can create enormous expenses for business owners and industry. LEC research indicates that hundreds of cloud to earth lightning strikes occurs every minute across the earth. When a strike occurs near a facility an electromagnetic pulse in the form of an induced voltage develops in all mutually coupled wiring, pipelines and other conductors in the vicinity of the strike. This creates an electrostatic pulse or transient waveform causing damage to the equipment.
In more simple language, a lightning strike causes voltage surge – it is a temporary rise in voltage and current on an electrical circuit. A tall thunderstorm cloud can hold over 100 million volts of potential. The voltage potential in a lightning bolt is proportional to its length, and varies depending on the diameter of the bolt, air density and impurities of the air (humidity, dust, ash). It is powerful enough to destroy all connected equipment. A surge protection device diverts this excess voltage and current into the grounding wire.
Industrial application today utilizes high-value equipment with integrated electronics, computers, controls, microprocessors and other components that simply must be protected from power lines issues. Thus the value of surge protection is clear. Surge Protection devices are a cost-effective way to prevent any unforeseen lightning incidents and protect your investments.
With Lightning Eliminators & Consultant Inc. industrial surge protection devices installed you won’t be left second guessing if you are protected or not. This is because these devices absorb spikes in energy caused by lightning, storm and electrical power surges, safeguarding your data, electronic equipment and other sensitive devices in your office and factory.
They are the first line of defense against expensive downtime and damaged equipment from a lightning strike, utility switching, voltage spikes, and other electrical anomalies.
LEC’s custom surge protection solutions for power and wireless sites, telecommunications, railway, military, commercial facilities and OEMs include grounding accessories, integrated cabinets, and power distribution units.
Working together with them, they can assist in determining the best solution to meet your application, budget and maintenance requirements, to create a long-term value, revenue and a significant return on investment anywhere in the world.
Although Mother Nature cannot be controlled, the good news is these surge protection devices from Lightning Eliminators & Consultant Inc. are a quantum leap ahead of those available today.
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